Seventh Call for Admission for the AY 2019-2020 (In order of Merit)

Deadline 23 December - 26 December 2019

The candidates given in the following lists (with offered programmes) have been selected for admission to 4-year B.Sc. Engineering/BBA Programmes of IUT for the Academic Year 2019-2020.

The Students who have been migrated to a new programme and/or financial scheme (Partial OIC-Finance or Self-Finance) are given in the following list


  • Residential facility for male students will be given to all Full OIC Scholarships and Partial OIC Scholarships.
  • Limited number of seats(about 100) will be available for allocation to the self-finance male students as per university allotment policy, which will be announced later.
  • Residential facility for female students is being extended. For female student with full or partial OIC scholarship, seat may be available around March'2020. However for self financed female student, seat will be allocated based on the availability and as per university policy which will be announced later.

Fees and Payment Schedule

Scheme Residential Facility Payment Schedule
Admission Time 2nd Year* 3rd Year* 4th Year* Total
Full OIC Scholarship Residential US$ 500* - - - -
Partial OIC Scholarship Residential US$ 6,500 - - - US$ 6,500
Self-Financed Residential US$ 6,500 US$ 4,500 US$ 4,500 US$ 4,500 US$ 20,000
Non-Residential US$ 5,000 US$ 3,000 US$ 3,000 US$ 3,000 US$ 14,000
* Two full OIC scholarship for host country are awarded to two top ranked admitted students in the combined merit list of the admission process. But they have to deposit a refundable amount of US$500.00 which will be refunded after completing one year.

** In order to attract bright students to join IUT it has been decided to create provision for awarding IUT Partial Scholarship to some students to CEE,SWE,BTM,IPE programmes. Initially 04 (four) top ranked admitted students in the merit list after Admission Test for host country students will be awarded this scholarship.Programme wise distribution of the IUT Partial Scholarship will be announced later. Students availing IUT partial scholarship shall continue to enjoy it for the subsequent years if they maintain the CGPA of 3.75 or above; otherwise their scholarship will be forfeited and they will need to pay the fees as specified in the payment schedule of self-finance students.

Instructions for Admission

Admission information for the selected candidates for the seventh call for admission are given below:

Payment Methods

  • Payment may be made in any branch of AB Bank Ltd. through online banking facility to be credited to the following Bank Account of the University.
    Islamic University of Technology (IUT)
    Account No. 4018-085407-430
    AB Bank Ltd.
    Board Bazar Branch, Gazipur
  • Payment may also be made in the form of Demand Draft/Pay Order issued from any scheduled bank drawn on their any branch in Dhaka city or AB Bank Ltd., Board Bazar Branch, Gazipur favoring "ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY". If the Demand Draft/Pay Order date and the submission date are different, candidates might need adjustment in case of a change in selling cash rate of US Dollar of AB bank Ltd.
  • If you have any queries about payment procedure please call IUT Office (+8802-9291254 to 9291257 ext. 3284/3325/3217) during the office time (10:00 am - 4:00pm, Monday-Friday)

Migration Policy

  • In case of vacancy in any programme, the selected candidates will be automatically migrated to the programme of his/her higher preferences in order of merit unless he/she stops the auto-migration during his/her admission.
  • If any candidate wants to stop 'Auto-Migration' of programme (to stay in the presently allocated programme), he/she should click "Stop Auto-Migration" button from his profile in admission portal. This button will be visiable only after completion of payment.
  • The auto-migration must have to be stopped at least one day before the next call for admission
  • Once auto migration stopped, it can not be restarted.
  • Once a candidate migrated to a new programme, he/she will not be able to go back to his/her previous programme.
  • Candidate should visit the admission page of IUT website specially admission notices at least once a week for updated instructions/notices.

Refund Policy

Click here for refund policy