• Undergraduate Program

    • For Engineering and BBA,

      • Residential facility for male students will be given to all Full OIC Scholarships and Partial OIC Scholarships.
      • Residential facility will be given to self-financed host country students based on need and availability.
      • Residential facility for female students is being extended. It will be allocated after completion of the construction works.
    • For Technical Education,

      • All students will get residential facility, subject to availability.
  • Postgraduate Program

    • For Engineering, Full-time Post Graduate students may be given accommodation on payment basis, subject to availability and need.

    • For Technical Education, All the students under this program will get full residential facility, subject to availability.



  • All Residential students are provided food free of cost
  • All Non-residential students are provided food on payment


All students of Islamic University of Technology (IUT) are provided with medical facilities. With a recommendation from the designated doctors, Students may be referred to IUT approved hospitals if necessary.


Pocket Allowances

Pocket allowance of USD 45 per month will be provided to each student (except non-residential postgraduate students)