Q1. If I have subject based SAT II score, do I need to sit for the admission test?

Answer: Your SAT II score will be converted to an equivalent test score and a combined score will be calculated. A combined merit list will be prepared based on the combined score. Therefore, it is possible to get admitted in IUT with only SAT II score and to avoid the admission test. In contrast, a candidate with SAT II score can also sit for the admission test. In this case, for a candidate with SAT II score and Admission test marks, the better combined score of the candidate will be considered. For details about the selection process of B.Sc. Engineering and BBA programs for the host country students, visit select host country

Q2. If I completed O level and A level, can I apply for Admission in IUT?

Answer: Yes, you can apply. If you fulfill the minimum entry requirement. For details about entry requirement visit Entry Requirement. Also in order to know the details about online application for English medium students, see section 2(b) of Step1 of how to apply (Host Country Students).

Q3. If my SSC and HSC data are not available or not correct, what should I do?

Answer: If your SSC and HSC data are not available, and you think you fulfill the minimum entry requirement, send email to admission@iut-dhaka.edu with scanned copy of your SSC and HSC mark sheets. If you do not get response, your grades are not corrected or you still can not apply after three working days, then you need to come to IUT in person. In contrast, if you think your grades are not correct, then you can continue with the online application and send an email to admission@iut-dhaka.edu

Q4. If my HSC result is updated after rescrutiny, but the result in the admission website is not updated. What should I do?

Answer: If your result is updated after rescrutiny then it will be updated automatically. Technical team is working on that. So you might not see the changes now. However, if you see that your result is not updated after 04 October 2017. Then contact the Registrar's Office in the administrative building of IUT with original documents during 05 October, 2017(Thursday) - 06 October 2017 (Friday) (From 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM).