How to Apply online for Admission in IUT

(only Muslim applicants of OIC member countries can apply for admission in IUT)

(International candidates)

International candidates applying through this portal will not be considered for any scholarships. To avail the scholarship, they need to apply through their nominating authority in IUT provided application forms. Application forms are available at the focal points of the OIC member states. Application forms can also be downloaded from here.

For admission in the self-financed scheme, prior payment of the fees is required and without prior payment admission offer will not be delivered.

For admission related information, visit the information details of the admission page or send email to For any technical difficulties about online application, send email to

Online Application Procedure

To start the online application process, candidates have to click on the "Apply Now" Tab on the Admission website ( or International candidates need to complete the following steps to complete the online application. In each step, they need to provide the mandatory information and click on the ``Next’’ button to move to the next step.

The online application form requires the following tasks to be completed:

  1. Candidates have to provide the nationality, religion and the programme for which they are applying.
    1. Candidates have to select their country. For all international students a message will be displayed to ensure that the candidates understand this application will not be considered for any scholarships.
    2. Candidates have to select the programme, she/he likes to apply for.
    3. Candidates have to mention their religion. Note that only Muslim can apply.

  2. In the next two steps, international candidates have to provide their personal details and contact address.

  3. Candidates have to upload their recent color photograph. The size of the photograph should not be larger than 100 KB.

  4. In this step, international candidates will provide their preference of different programmes according to their choice.

    The data to be entered by the international candidates in this step will vary according to the programme selected by the candidates in the first step.

    For BSc Engineering and BBA:

    The international candidates will select the programmes offered for BSc Engineering and BBA according to their preference of choice. For example, a candidate who is more interested in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) than Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) will select CSE before EEE in her/his programme choice order. Candidates are asked to pay special attention here, because the admission offer will be based on the programme choice order.

    For MSc Engineering and PhD:

    International candidates will select the appropriate Programme according to her/his interest. Note that candidates must have the BSc Engineering/Equivalent degree in the selected programme for MSc engineering and both BSc Engineering and MSc Engineering or Equivalent degrees in the selected programme for PhD.

  5. In this step, international candidates have to provide their academic details. The academic details will vary according to the entry requirements of different programmes. For details about entry requirements visit this page.

    Therefore, according to the programme selected in the first step, international candidates will be asked to provide the academic details.

  6. In this step, international candidates have to upload scanned copies of their transcripts and certificates. Candidates can upload either a Zip file which includes all the transcripts and certificates or they can upload the scanned files one after another.

  7. Finally, a confirmation email will be sent to the candidates upon successful completion of the above steps. This email will contain the PIN and password of the candidates to be used for future login.
Note that the candidates are responsible for the correctness and completeness of the application. Incomplete application will not be processed.