Invitation for expressing wish for admission through IUT website

IUT is requesting all the remaining interested candidates who want to express their wish to be considered for admission for the remaining 126 seats (1 ME-OIC partial, 5 SWE-Self Financed, 26 CEE-Self Financed, 41 IPE-Self Financed, 53 BTM-Self Financed). Candidates are asked to submit their wish through his/her profile at IUT admission portal during 11 June-12 June 2021 (3:00 PM). If any candidate do not express his/her wish to be enlisted in the selection of the next admission call, he/she will be excluded from further admission process.

Please remember that expressing your wish does not mean you will get the admission call, rather it means you will be considered for future admission call if needed. Admission calls will follow the merit position and candidate's order of department choices.

Only the candidates who have not got call for admission yet , will be able to submit their wish.