Cancellation of Admission and Refund of the Tuition Fees Process for Newly Admitted Student

The process of refund has been conducted successfully on a face to face basis in the past years. However, in the current situation of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IUT has modified the current Cancellation of the Admission & Refund Process. The process for cancellation of admission and refund of the Tuition Fees are given below

  • The applicant who wants to cancel his/her admission should fill up the Cancellation of Admission & Refund Form and send it to the email address along with the following documents
    1. Copy of the Payment Slip(s)
    2. Copies of applicant’s HSC registration card and birth certificate or National ID,,
    3. Copies of National IDs of the guardian with the signature,
    4. The bank account number of the person who paid the tuition fees,
    5. Telephone contact number and email address of the student/guardian
  • The subject of the email has to be "Cancellation of Admission & Refund Form".
  • The date of consideration will be the date on which IUT receives the application by e-mail and the refund will be made following the “Refund policy” corresponding to the date on which the application is received.
  • After approval for the cancellation application, IUT will remove the candidates from admitted applicant list.
  • IUT will send SMS to applicants when his/her refund cheque is ready.
  • The refund cheque will be handed over physically [face to face] at the IUT campus in the Finance & Accounts Office where the student/guardian will submit original copies of the application with supporting documents mentioned above..