Frequently Asked Question

Q1. I Have lost my PIN number. What to do?

Answer: Send a SMS with IUT help hsc_board roll year and send it to 16222.

Q2. I am having problem while applying through teletalk. What to do?

Answer: You have to contact teletalk regrading this issue. You can send an SMS to 16222 using following formate.
IUT help PIN xxxxxxxx
here xxxxxxxx is the PIN number given by teletalk.

Q3. During application through teletalk by mistake i have given wrong contact phone number. What can i do?

Answer: Use the Q2 method. also you can send an email to if you are unable to resolve this issue.

Q3. I am having technical Problem(for any steps of admission). What can i do?

Answer: You can send an email to for any kind of Technical problem.