Frequently Asked Questions (For Host Country BSc Engineering and BBA Applicants)

1. Why my application status is showing invalid?
Answer: There are two reason for application status became invalid.
  1. Applicant doesn't fulfill all the minimum requirements of the admission process. Check Entry Requirement Page for full requirement list.
  2. IUT could not find the academic information for the Applicant from the Board. (in most of the case it happens due to wrongly filled up SSC and HSC information. In this case see question 5)
2. I do not have marks/percentage for some of my English Medium subjects. How do I fill up the application form?
Answer: For now, put 90.09% for A/A*, 75.57% for B to complete the application. we will verify and make an equivalency for this type of case later.
3. My updated results are not reflected in my application status page. What can I do?
Answer: Send an email to the technical team along with your application status page and scan copy of the updated result document. Upon verification, technical team will update the result. If the result is not updated and shows the old result during the display of grades and marks timeline mentioned in the roadmap, please contact the Registrar's Office in the administrative building of IUT with original and attested photocopy of relevant documents during the Correction of grades and marks timeline mentioned in the roadmap.
4. Can I get refund of application fee?
Answer: Application fee is non-refundable.
5. I have submitted wrong SSC/HSC roll/board/year/registration number on application form. For this I am getting application status invalid. How to solve this?
Answer: Send an email to with your application status page and write about your problem. after verifying the data, technical team will update your data so that you can generate your corrected application status page again.

You can send an email to for any kind of Technical problem.


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